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Have a travel plan to the Eternal City that continuously shines with many significant and ancients sights all around for tourists to discover, you will need a bit of forward planning to unwind with your loved ones in spectacular Rome. Plan to see all the major attractions such as the ruins of the Colosseum, cobblestone streets, iconic fountains, and fascinating museums. This Italian city is a perfect blend of Old World marvels and modern surprises. Some attractions that definitely must not be missed include Via del Corso, Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. Gastronomy, art, architecture, and there is a lot more for tourists to fall in love with.

As a traveler, your first impression of Rome would be confusing but once you spend some time here; it will surprisingly appear compact and you will be able to cover and explore much of Rome on foot. With many Best Hotels in Rome Italy, in order to make the most of your trip; you must choose a location that fits your goals as a traveler. features more than 6,300 accommodation options around Rome in the form of some of the best hotels, apartments, motels, and B&B options. With us, you can choose to prefer a famous pre-selected hotel with great guests’ reviews or can refine your search depending upon whether you like to be close to main attractions or prefer a quiet neighborhood.

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Best Time to Visit Rome

  • Winter, from December to February, is mild.There is a moderate amount of sunny days, which can be mild, with highs around 12/15 °C (54/59 °F), but it often gets cold at night.
  • Spring is a mild and relatively rainy season. In March, the first spring days, with highs around 18/20 °C (64/68 °F), alternate with some colder days.
  • Summer, from June to August, is hot and sunny; clear days are the norm, especially in July and August. 
  • Autumn, from September to November, is mild and humid; in this season, sunny days alternate with periods of cloudy skies and rain, which gradually become more frequent.

Get Best Places to Stay In Rome for a Perfect Vacation!

The city of Rome is based on some interesting neighborhoods with each one having its own charm. For those of you who wish to stay within walking distance from major attractions, Pantheon could be an ideal neighborhood to book a hotel. Whereas Piazza di Spagna is the base for popular luxury hotels and interesting high-end shopping venues. If you wish to explore the real historic charm with small cobbled streets, you may stay around Trastevere. Vatican (with the base for St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican Museums, Colosseum (with ancient sites and bohemian neighborhood), and Testaccio (with great restaurants, bars, and specialty shops) are some of the Best Places to Stay in Rome. has a variety of nice hotels around these neighborhoods that are offered at great prices with absolutely no hidden charges.

So make your mark here in Rome, organize travel ideas and book for your trip to save with the best prices guaranteed. Canceling is easy with free cancellation offered on most hotels. Double up your savings by earning reward points for each booking and bonus points on 1st booking.

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